1. Building Code Compliance for Contractors & Inspectors Book + eBook (PDF)

    Building Code Compliance for Contractors & Inspectors Book + eBook (PDF)

    An answer book for both contractors and building inspectors, this manual explains what it takes to pass inspections under the 2009 International Residential Code. It includes a code checklist for every trade, covering some of the most common reasons why inspectors reject residential work – footings, foundations, slabs, framing, sheathing, plumbing, electrical, HVAC, energy conservation and final inspection.

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  2. Code Check Commercial

    Code Check Commercial

    For the first time, Code Check has created a guide to commercial inspections, including building types, setbacks, fire separation, egress, soils, concrete, glazing, fire protection, plumbing, commercial kitchens, water heaters, electrical safety, switchgear, wiring, transformers, lighting, and much more. Code Check Commercial 1st Edition is an expanded version of the popular flip-chart format. It has 48 pages rather than 32, and as usual the pages are laminated for durability and field use.
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  3. Code Check Complete 2nd Edition

    Code Check Complete 2nd Edition

    Finding code facts is a cinch with the easy-to-access, crystal-clear, illustrated format that makes Taunton's Code Check series the choice of reference for thousands of builders, inspectors, and do-it-yourself homeowners across the country.

    This book is intended for building inspectors, design-professionals, plan reviewers, contractors, home inspectors, educators, and do-it-yourself home owners.

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  4. Construction Codes & Inspection Handbook

    Construction Codes & Inspection Handbook

    This gigantic compilation of code requirements simplifies understanding of quality assurance, code compliance, and inspection approval for commercial and industrial construction. It explains where and how most code defects occur and how to locate and correct them.

    You'll find almost 600 practical checklists, tables, charts and calculations to save you time and money by making sure that your projects pass code the first time. Covers, IBC, NEC, IPC, IFGC and the IZC codes with large, clear illustrations of what the codes require for sitework, concrete, masonry, carpentry, structural steel, doors and windows, finishes, thermal and moisture protection, piping systems, mechanics, electrical, and OSHA regulations.

    It's hard to imagine a more complete resource for architects, builders, engineers, and code officials.

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  5. Contractor's Guide to the Building Code - 2006 IBC & 2006 IRC

    Contractor's Guide to the Building Code - 2006 IBC & 2006 IRC Book with CD + eBook (PDF)

    This manual cuts through the “legalese” of the code books. It explains the important requirements for residential and light commercial structures in plain, simple English so you can get it right the first time.

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  6. Contractor's Guide to the Plumbing Code

    Contractor's Guide to the Plumbing Code

    Explains the 2003 International Plumbing Code in plain English. Filled with illustrations and figures to help contractors meet code on all plumbing work. Covers history of the code, conventional DWV systems, cost factors that may affect plumbing design and much more.

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  7. International Building Code (IBC) Quick-Cards Based on the 2018 IBC

    International Building Code (IBC) Quick-Card 2018

    Six-page laminated quick-reference guide that includes all the International Building Code (IBC) essentials you need to know based on the current 2018 IBC.

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  8. International Residential Code (IRC) Quick-Card: Based on 2018 IRC

    International Residential Code (IRC) Quick-Card 2018

    This six-page laminated reference guide provides most of the new International Residential Code essentials, based on the current 2018 IRC. The code compiles all building, plumbing, mechanical, fuel gas and electrical requirements for non-commercial one- and two-family dwellings in one convenient code. Cover dwellings and townhouses up to three stories.

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  9. Code Check 8th Edition

    Code Check 8th Edition

    This spiral-bound flip chart with heavy laminated pages provides you with quick access to answers to hundreds of common Code questions that face you on the jobsite. View the checkboxes and see at a glance what the requirements are. Find answers to just about all your Code questions in the clear illustrations that explain the requirements and critical dimensions you need to stay within Code.

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