Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks 2015 eBook (PDF) & Sample File Download


If you'd rather be building homes than burning the midnight oil trying to balance your books, you should have this eBook.

ISBN 978-157218-236-3
Page Count 344
Author Karen Mitchell, Craig Savage, Jim Erwin
Publisher Craftsman Book Company

QuickBooks can save you hours of time in keeping your books and keeping track of your finances. But setting up QuickBooks can be complex and time-consuming. Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks can save hours of time in setting up and putting to use all the new features it offers. QuickBooks isn't just for taxes. You can use it for payroll, keeping track of your vendors and subs -- even job costing (comparing your estimated costs to your actual costs and finding out where you're making and losing money.)

If you'd rather be building homes than burning the midnight oil trying to balance your books, you should have this eBook. It includes a template for a construction company to help speed your set up.

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Introduction, 5
Why You Need This Book, 5
1. Setting Up Your QuickBooks Company, 25
2. How to Set QuickBooks Pro Preferences, 35
3. Chart of Accounts, 55
4. Items, 67
5. Payroll Items, 77
6. Classes, 91
7. Customers and Jobs, 95
8. Vendors and Subcontractors, 103
9. Employees, 109
10. Opening Balances, 117
11. Organizing Work Flow, 123
12. Estimating, 131
13. Receivables, 139
14. Payables, 163
15. Payroll, 179
16. Using QuickBooks on a Cash Basis, 193
17. Reports, 201
18. End of Month and End of Year Procedures, 233
19. Real Estate Development, 251

Index, 275


Why You Need This Book

Three years ago we released Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks 2012, because there had been significant improvements made to QuickBooks since the previous edition. Now, in this 2015 edition, we show three years of new features and improvements that will apply in a construction office. If you're running Quickbooks 2013, 2014 or 2015, this manual will guide you to and through these new features.

Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks Pro 2015

According to a recent national survey, more construction contractors use QuickBooks than all other accounting programs combined. And for good reason. QuickBooks excels at all the routine paperwork in a construction office: writing checks, keeping track of your bank balance, sending out invoices and statements, creating up-to-the-minute profit and loss statements for the month, year or by job, writing payroll checks, paying suppliers and subcontractors, tracking job costs, comparing estimated and actual costs for each job, and much more.

But there's a lot to learn in QuickBooks. And converting to a new accounting system can be a complex and confusing task, even if you have a strong background in accounting and plenty of time to install the new system. That's why this book was written—because most construction pros aren't accounting experts and have more important work to do at the job site.

Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks 2015 will walk you step-by-step through QuickBooks' detailed setup procedure and then explain item-by-item how you should be using QuickBooks every day. In days, rather than weeks, you'll create a first-rate accounting system that's an asset to your company.

Here you'll find simple, well-illustrated instructions for customizing the setup for QuickBooks 2015, including what each screen on your monitor should look like. This manual explains every choice you need to make and every button you need to click on. Includes a link to download a free QuickBooks 2015 file preconfigured for a construction company. The file has a chart of accounts already entered, plus a complete set of memorized reports. Just plug in your own company data—vendors, subs, customers, etc. And at the click of a mouse, you have all the information needed to run your jobs.

With this book, and whichever QuickBooks version you own, you have at your fingertips all the financial tools needed to keep a company running strong and in the black. Just add your own company data.

The Authors
Karen Mitchell, Craig Savage and Jim Erwin
are contractors, accountants and QuickBooks experts. They've spent years studying and simplifying the installation of QuickBooks in construction offices. Karen, Craig and Jim tour the country giving accounting seminars to professional groups, consulting with individual contractors and actually setting up QuickBooks accounting systems for builders. They'll help you get excellent results with QuickBooks the same way they've helped hundreds of other construction professionals.