Contractor's Starter Kit: Hand selected group of titles

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Markup & Profit: A Contractor's Guide Revisited
Builder's Guide to Accounting Revised - 10th Printing Book with CD ROM + eBook (PDF)
Contractor's Guide to QuickBooks (Pro) 2015 Book with Supplemental Download
Construction Forms for Contractors Book+CD, PDF & Software Download
How to Succeed With Your Own Construction Business

You’re a skilled craftsman, as good as any in the trade – maybe better. But you’re working as a tradesman on somebody else’s jobs and most of the benefit is in their pocket and not yours.

Maybe it’s time for you to strike out on your own. You’ve long imagined yourself running your own construction company – but how do you start? You know there’s a lot more to contracting than being able to frame a complicated roof or calculate spot-on the amount of cut and fill needed on a site.

But what do you need to know, what skills must you have, what pitfalls lie in wait? Far more construction startups fail than succeed. Where do you get the know-how to be one of the successes?

Specifically for you, Craftsman Book Company has gathered together a contractor’s starter kit. It’s a selection of the manuals that teach the skills and give the guidance you’ll absolutely need to get your new business heading up, not down.

1. How to Succeed With Your Own Construction Business
The basic startup guide by a tradesman who quickly discovered that construction skills and business skills don’t come hand-in-hand. First: should you do it? Then, how to begin. Learn what every failed business owner wished he’d known beforehand.

2. Markup & Profit: A Contractor’s GuideHow do you price your work?
You can win every job you bid simply by charging less. But you’llbe back working for somebody else in no time. Here you’ll find rules and formulas to use so all your jobs are winners. Let your competitors land the losers.

3. Construction Forms for Contractors
A hefty manual with all the office and jobsite forms you’ll need (also on the CD included) to keep track of what’s going on in your company and easily maintain the data you’re required to have. Clear instructions explain each form and how it’s used.

4. Builder’s Guide to Accounting
If you can’t manage the books, you can’t manage the business. It’s an integral, and major, part of being a business owner. Here you’ll see how to set up a functioning bookkeeping and accounting system so you know where the money’s going, where it is now, and where it’s coming from. And you won’t have trouble with that partner in every business; the IRS.

5. Contractor’s Guide to QuickBooks
Today’s business climate is highly competitive. Trying to keep the books manually is labor-intensive and will take you away from work you need to get done to make your business profitable. QuickBooks will make the accounting easy, and this book will guide you through the setup process – actually providing you with a company file already set up – you only need to load your company data into it.

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